Saturday, March 24, 2018

Contemporary Clay

This wood fired vase was recently selected for exhibition in "Contemporary Clay 2018", being held at The Western Colorado Center for the Arts, Grand Junction, CO. The exhibition runs May 11th - June 23rd, 2018.

Bud Vase


This wood fired sake cup was recently selected for exhibition in "Atmospheric", a show dedicated to both vessel-based and sculptural works fired in atmospheric firing types, i.e. wood, reduction, raku, pit, or salt/soda. It is being held at the Clay Center of New Orleans, New Orleans, LA, and runs May 4th through  the 26th, 2018.


Friday, March 9, 2018

Teabowl Exhibition

It is a pleasure to be exhibiting in "The Teabowl: East and West", being held at Lacoste Gallery, Concord, MA. This exhibition showcases an international grouping of tea bowls, and runs March 01 - March 30, 2018. These are the two wood fired kurinuki chawan I have in this show...



Friday, March 2, 2018

Tea Bowl Lecture

Last evening (03-01-2018), Dr. Bonnie Kenske (UK), artist, writer, and author of “The Tea Bowl: East and West”, presented the first of several gallery lectures here in the US at Lacoste Gallery (Concord, MA). I was unable to attend, but did watch it on the live Face Book stream, and what a pleasant surprise to see my chawan flash up on the screen!

Screen shot


Thursday, March 1, 2018

San Angelo National

The wood fired piece shown below was selected for exhibition in the "22nd San Angelo (TX) National Ceramic Competition", San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts, which runs April 20th - June 24th, 2018. The juror, Peter Held, selected 111 works by 103 artists from a total of 865 pieces submitted.

Bud Vase