Monday, April 26, 2010

April Anagama Firing

During the first full week of April I was part of the Magnusson anagama kiln firing in Tolland, MA. This is a small kiln which has an attached catenary soda chamber and is fired to cone 10/11 within a couple of days. The fuel is primarily pine and hemlock and no hardwoods are used. There is no ash pit; the fire burns directly on the firebox floor. Stacking space is three shelves across and two deep (for the bottom stack).

This was the second time I have fired in this kiln, thus I am still learning the front chamber's effects on my work. Here are a few pieces from this firing (anagama chamber) that I am pleased with:

                          Natural Ash Sake Cup

                               Shino Sake Cup

                Natural Ash Sake Cup w/ Wari Foot

                     Shino Tea Bowl w/ Wari Foot

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