Monday, January 12, 2015

1st Place Award

It was an honor to have two of my sake cups given awards in "Drink This! Workhouse International Ceramic Cup Show", which opened this past Wednesday, January 8th. One award was for first place, and the other was for honorable mention. More special, however,  is that these placements were awarded by the juror, Phil Rogers (UK). I have admired Phil's work for many years, first learning of him through his book on ash glazes when I was in undergraduate school at ECU studying ceramics. For me, he epitomizes the very best of functional studio ceramics. The following is what he wrote, as part of his juror's statement, about Guinomi with Champy Black:

 "The bowl that has attracted first prize is one that I was immediately drawn to. The subtle and gradual changes of colour as one's eyes move across the wood fired surface of the piece, together with the almost tangible softness of the glaze, makes it almost edible. The form is as perfectly orchestrated as it can be, and the shell imprint just adds another dimension. It is, for me at least, the stand-out entry, and, as a wood firer myself, a bowl that I covet unashamedly."  -Phil Rogers

Guinomi with Champy Black